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Bob Adam is a our Featured Artist

My background is psychotherapy – I had a clinical practice for 25 years. What I learned being a psychotherapist is that people change when they feel safe to re-frame and reimagine ideas and feelings. I found that paradox and humor are powerful tools to help us reexamine how we think and feel. I’ve helped many people discover how to take a deep and spiritual look at themselves and change for the better.   


Call For Artists

We are a growing community of like-minded artists resisting American Krazy through multimedia satire and performances. We resist the notion of white supremacy in all its propaganda forms especially through the use of religion.
We are going to cure the world and the nation with humor and Make America Think Again


Welcome To The Hudson Underground

A little bored with your ho hum intellectual life?
Try something radical
Welcome to The Hudson Underground
Offering delicious candy, satire, art & salvation
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Video, multi-media exhibitions and live musical performances


You’ve never seen anything like this

Our mission is to provide a radical art space about race, religion and American krazy..
Humor beats the bad guys.
We R the solution.
We R radical.
We R the new American
We R The Hudson Underground
Join us